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Penobscot Bay Rendezvous, come on up! 5

Penobscot Bay Rendezvous, come on up!

Now that there’s evidence that there really will be a summer in Maine — it went into the 70’s and beyond all last week, with hardly any fog — I want to deliver a...

More Gizmo 2011, the solar panel project 37

More Gizmo 2011, the solar panel project


So maybe this is an all-about-Gizmo week. Given her multitude of electronics partly described on Monday, and the fact that the boat rarely sees shore power, plus how helpful readers were in spec’n out the ChartTable21 discussed yesterday (and yet more strain on the 12v bank), I’m keen to add some solar panels and I again seek advice. Oh, and while Gizmo does have a 6 kW generator, I don’t like running it, and would enjoy removing it altogether. I created the drawing above (PDF here) in an effort to explain to a solar salesman in Arizona what I was up to, but I haven’t purchased anything yet…

ChartTable21; coming together, thank you! 22

ChartTable21; coming together, thank you!


Yesterday we saw the helm side of Gizmo’s pilot house, but you may recall that recently I asked for advice about the components that might turn the lovely port-side cherry chart table into a 21st century navigation & work station (and entertainment center) when its lid is up. Panbots responded with enthusiasm, I took the majority guidance, and, boy, am I pleased. That 26″ Vizio M261VP LED HD TV & monitor, purchased for $350 at Amazon, has been on the test bench for about 10 days, and it was joined last Friday by that minimal Mac Mini, also bought at Amazon
along with a Crucial 8GB RAM upgrade
. The setup and testing I’ve done so far all suggest that this is going to be a terrific solution to the project I’ve dubbed ChartTable21…

A Gizmo preview, 4th of July 2011 6

A Gizmo preview, 4th of July 2011

Gizmo lower helm July 2011 cPanbo.jpg

Here’s hoping that everyone in the States had a fine holiday weekend. We had better weather here than you might think if you read that fog delayed two nights of fireworks, but I was busy with oodles of visiting family. Gizmo, however, is really ready to cruise, and numerous product reviews will ensue. Take a gander, for instance, at this seasons’s lower helm configuration…

Furuno DRS2D radome, “punching above its weight”? 1

Furuno DRS2D radome, “punching above its weight”?


Despite soggy weather I had a fine time wowing a WoodenBoat School navigation class with electronics while we cruised from Camden to Brooklin last Friday. (It was also nice to be reminded about what a neat place I helped to create, what an interesting array of students it attracts, and how nicely my replacement Rich Hilsinger has improved the school while maintaining the good vibes…consider a course, or at least a visit by boat or car.)  And on Saturday I also enjoyed bringing Gizmo home by myself, even though my wife began to worry when a burst of wind and lightning knocked the electricity out in our neighborhood. But when she called, I told her truthfully that I felt quite snug and safe at the pilothouse helm and could easily see where the squalls were thanks the little Furuno DRS2D radar showing both on the NavNet MFD12 and in MaxSea TimeZero, as seen above…