3D Display, No Glasses Required

Was reading an article in Slasdot on 3D displays that do not require any glasses to work. I was just imagining that this could be a convenient interface for all kind of data and graphics when sailing, fishing or racing. Guess it will take a while before we see a glass compass replaced by something like this, but, who knows…
“Hitachi, Ltd has developed a 3D display called Transpost which can be viewed from any direction without wearing special glasses. 3D movies can be seen as floating in the display. Also, 3D movies captured at other places can be shown on the display in realtime. The principle of the device is that 2D images of an object taken from 24 different directions are projected to a special rotating screen. They also developed a camera which can capture images from 24 directions simultaneously.” The pictures are interesting, but…”

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