A Mac Onboard

Over at the World-Cruising Yahoo Group someone is considering to buy an Apple notebook for both navigation and business purposes. He has a couple of questions he needs answers to.
1. Is anyone out there using a Mac on their boat? Which one and how
is it working for you?
2. What applications (navigation, etc.) are there for the Mac?
3. If you have a Mac, would you keep your Mac or go back to a PC
(prices being what they are, by the time you get a PC up to the same
standards as the Mac, the price will be close to the same and so
price doesn’t really enter into the equation)?
4. If you went back to a PC, would you use Windows or something like
Linux? Why?

(Apple at Amazon.com)

Yesterday I read some news about MacGPS Pro, so that’s a start, but I’m sure there’s much more. If you have some tips, send me an email.
“MacGPS Pro works with almost all GPS receivers for a real-time display of GPS information on a moving map on the Macintosh screen, and allows import of maps from a variety of sources. These maps can be viewed with no GPS receiver connected, or used in real-time as a moving-map display.”

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