A Wireless LittlePC

Following up on a previous story on Stealth’s LittlePC, here is the wireless LittlePC… Not such a bad idea by the way, certainly not on a boat where cables are even more of a hassle than at home. And with all these marina Wi-Fi hotspots popping up everywhere, it is an even better idea.
“Stealth today has released their latest LittlePC with 802.11b wireless capability. The model LPC-401XW can run at a blazing 3.2GHz making it the smallest most powerful feature rich machine available on the market. The built-in wireless Ethernet capability opens doors for many applications where traditional network cables could not be run. Mobile medical carts, movable kiosks, digital signs, factory floor connectivity and remote data acquisition are a few of the applications well suited for Stealth´┐Żs new LittlePC.”

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