Airmar Technology Announces the Passing of Peter Braffitt

Airmar Technology Corporation (Airmar) is saddened to announce that its Vice President, Peter Braffitt, died suddenly on October 25 at his home in South Carolina. Stephen Boucher, founder, and CEO of Airmar Technology Corporation stated, “It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of my colleague and friend. Peter has made an indelible mark on the reputation and success of Airmar and our subsidiary, Gemeco Marine Electronics. His leadership, knowledge, and dedication to our customers were unmatched, and he will be greatly missed not only as a professional but as a personal mentor to many of his team.”

Peter joined Airmar in 1987 after serving in the US Army and left to run his own company before returning to Airmar several years later as Sales Manager. In 2005, Braffitt transitioned to Gemeco Marine Electronics (Gemeco) as Business Development Manager and later General Manager and most recently, Director. In addition to facilitating impressive sales growth, he is recognized by the industry for building a product support team considered to be the experts in marine electronics and networking. Peter served on the board of the National Marine Electronics Association since 2020.

Jennifer Matsis, Airmar Vice President of Sales & Marketing stated, “We are devastated by the personal loss and send our deepest condolences to his wife, Tracy, and his family. Peter’s natural ability to make an instant connection with others and to build long-lasting friendships and business partnerships was one of his many gifts. The marine industry has lost a beloved and respected member of our community.”

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  1. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    One of the main reasons I’ve enjoyed working around the marine electronics industry all these years is the abundance of honest, competent, and enthusiastic professionals. And if I had to make a list, Peter Braffitt would be toward the top in all categories. I was particularly impressed with how he developed Gemeco as a first-class wholesale distributor of marine sensors and related gear, especially involving NMEA standards. I believe that he helped many small developers along the way, as well as all the installers who benefited from Gemeco training and tech support. And of course that meant more reliable boat systems for us recreational users.

    My condolences to Peter’s personal family as well the many people who counted him a friend at Airmar, Gemeco, NMEA, and the wider world of boating.

    • Chris says:

      Very well said, Ben. Pete was literally one of the best humans I’ve ever met; always made people feel more importantly than they really were. At least that’s how I felt. So many great things about the man, and we’re all just devastated that he’s passed. He’ll be missed forever.

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