Cheap and expensive LCD displays

Over at Google Groups a discussion is going on that focuses on LCD displays that are able display NMEA data.
dbp: “With the cost of instrument maxis (mast displays) so high, has anyone out there come up with a simple solution? It seems like it would be fairly easy to have a program to read and direct the NMEA sentence to a commonly available LCD display. Use a plam pilot or similar to run a selection of what to display and to direct the info to a display. Any ideas?”
Glen \”Wiley\” Wilson: “…Don’t forget to get something seriously water resistant as well. At least one of my customers uses a standard external lcd dsplay with his laptop and my program. He uses a bracket to swivel the display into the companionway for viewing, and out of the way when not needed. It’s protected from the weather and direct sun by the companionway hatch cover when in use. It should be visible from the helm on most boats. Whether the trimmers can see it or not depends on the boat.”

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