Garmin AP, P47 worthy; how about you?

Ben Ellison

Ben Ellison

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  1. We have installed GHP10 here in Belgrade, Serbia, on Danube river, during second half of November. Since then it’s been used regularly to steer 42 Waverunner named AKA. She already have GARMIN GPSMAP 4008 and GMR-18 installed. Results with Trackback from GPS, MOB (Williamson turn) and MARPA targeting using compass heading are incredible. I could share some photos or more detailed text if interested…

  2. JohnD says:

    A couple of quick things.
    The re-draw speed on the new bigger garmins is fantastic. Makes them much more of a pleasure to use. I hope and expect mfg’s to continue to push that side of things.
    Mariners eye view is better then I imagined for getting a sense of relative angles between marks etc, but I still MUCH prefer a top down view.
    The GHC 10 screen shown above seems risky. Do hazards show up on this sorta 3d perspective view? I’d hope no one lulls themselves into piece thinking it was showing everything.
    I also worried that the interface and buttons were wasting info and clarity on shininess and curves. No kidding! The garmins are not too bad yet 🙂

  3. Tim Mahoney says:

    do you know if Garmin has plans to make an auto pilot that can be used with cable and chain steering? I have a 48′ sailing cat and I need a linear drive but would like to use all Garmin electronics and auto pilot.

  4. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    Tim, I really don’t know. BUT I asked the same question recently and think I heard a giggle as the spokesperson said they could not comment on future products.

  5. marine-electronics-reviews says:

    I just installed this pilot on my Suzuki DF250 outboard powered 25′ Contender. Once everything was hooked up and operating our fishing crew headed west of Key West right before Christmas for a couple days of spearfishing, rod and reel fun, and a little autopilot review. You can read about the installation, initial setup, and our first impressions at:
    Hope the information on this web page proves valuable to anyone looking to purchase this pilot.

  6. Anonymous says:

    How do get the tach signal from suzuki engine?

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