Humminbird Introduces the APEX Series: A Premium MFD with a Full-HD Display, First-Class Sonar and Networking Options

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  1. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    It’s fun to imagine the Humminbird side imaging sonar detail I’ve enjoyed on a Solix 10 this season at Apex screen sizes and resolution. Wow. And I did get some recordings from the Solix that will make an interesting video (I think).

  2. Colin A says:

    Humminbird has been slow to gain acceptance in the saltwater markets, but they really do offer good bang for the buck. A family members boat has a Helix 8 (on a sailboat no less) and I have a 5 bought on sale that will go in my little runabout. Nice to see them coming out with more and more for bigger boats.

  3. love the humminbird range , but they are rather expensive here in australia and have had a lot of teething issues in “my” salt water fishing area.
    would be interested to see these systems paired up with 2kw transducers however.

    • Colin A says:

      Interesting. Here in the US they are really common in places like Bass Pro shops and Cabelas which drives the pricing down. My Helix 5 with GPS was around $250.00 and I think the 7 My family member has was around $400.

  4. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    I’m guessing that Humminbird intended to debut Apex at METS (where, sadly, I should be walking the aisles right now). I think they have a surprisingly active presence in Europe and beyond. And, by the way, METS Connect starts on Dec. 10, and we did get a fairly large and interesting group of entries for the DAME R&D Excellence in Adversity Award (but not APEX):

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