Iris Innovations Launches New Ultra Affordable Thermal Vision Camera

Gosport, Hampshire, United Kingdom – Iris Innovations, leader in affordable on-board camera security and situational awareness systems, announced today the release of a new line of ultra-affordable dual-spectrum IP thermal PTZ cameras – ATOM.

The cameras feature a high definition two mega-pixel visual spectrum camera with 10x optical and 10x digital zoom, and two options of high-resolution 12-micron thermal cores (400×300 and 640×512 resolutions). Both options boast an ultra-sensitive detection range of <40mK. The cameras can interface over IP directly to Iris CMAC camera management systems and leading chart plotters, and a new dedicated IP mini controller will be available in early 2023. An industry first, the new cameras will be offered under $3,000 USD, making it the most affordable thermal imaging system on the market.

“Thermal imaging has become more and more mainstream on recreational and commercial vessels,” said Carl Hitchcock, managing director, Iris Innovations. “The big factor limiting its adoption has always been price. Our new ATOM cameras not only offer exceptional image quality and ease of use but are offered at a price that will make them as common an addition to a vessel as radar systems have become.”

Available with waterproof side entry or base entry cable options, the cameras are built into a robust yet compact IP66 case, designed to protect the unit from the harshest environmental conditions. Each camera module has its own IP address meaning the cameras can be configured, controlled and switched separately, and are compatible with many leading marine chart plotters. An RS485 Serial Data connection is also provided to maximize control options, allowing the cameras to be controlled via NVR or computer, as well as Iris’s CMAC range of camera management systems or CCTV joystick controllers supporting the Pelco-D protocol. The entire unit is eight-inches (206mm) tall with a base diameter of six-inches (160mm) and weighs just under four and a half pounds (2Kg).

ATOM is available through Iris’ worldwide dealer network, Fort Lauderdale hub and direct from Iris UK. For more information on the entire Iris Innovations product line, please visit

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3 Responses

  1. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    Iris has been busy! As suggested by the collage of header photos, this is only one of four new press releases. Their updated CMAC (camera management and control) range now works with Garmin’s low-cost TD 50 (OEM) display, their new Cloudlink2 cellular/WiFi router is subscription free, and that new Sx76 series camera is designed for installation on a vertical plane looking directly outwards. Those press releases aren’t on the Iris website yet, but full detail of all the new products is in the 2023 Brochure PDF you’ll find there:

  2. Ben Stein Ben Stein says:

    I’ve been in touch with folks at Iris and expect to be able to test one of these cameras as soon as they’re available in December or January. I’m anxious to compare it to the FLIR M232 and Omnisense Ulyses Micro I’ve recently tested. It’s cost competitive but seems to offer a lot more performance.

    -Ben S.

  3. Moose says:

    Ive been fortunate to install and sell a fair few iris camera systems recently. And fortunate to have had them side by side with omnisense micro and flir m233 and they do hold up. A little more involved in some ways. But very good quality especially for the price point

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