Live Weather Data To Onboard Plotters And PCs

Ben Ellison has a very interesting column on the real-time weather services of XM WX (WxWorx) Satellite Weather and The Weather Channel Marine (TWCM). Besides his remark that these, and other similar, services are still very much under development, but aleady impressive, he also points at the fact that hardware manufacturers are more and more integrating these services into their products.
“As noted last month, Garmin is featuring XM WX (XM audio, too) as the lead option in its new line of networked multifunction displays. Maptech´┐Żs new high-end i3 system, twin to the Sea Ray Navigator, offers integration with the PC version of TWCM. WSI has announced a partnership with Raymarine, which sounds as if it will bear fruit in more than one upcoming Raymarine product line. Both WxWorx and WSI tell me that other partnership deals are close to completion.”

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