Lowrance iWay 600c, a slick combo?

Lowrance iWAY-600c

The Lowrance press release claims that “the iWAY 600c is the first portable navigation device to offer dual routing capability, allowing consumers to navigate both highways and waterways”, which I don’t understand as Garmin has done that nicely for some time. But that’s not to say that the 600c isn’t an interesting and unique portable-sized car/boat navigator. How’s about a 30 gig hard drive almost filled with U.S. and Canada road maps, hi res sat photo maps of metro areas, 5.5 million POIs, Lowrance’s own NauticPath U.S. charts (hopefully fixed), and some 3,000 Enhanced U.S. Lakes (there is a European model too). Which leaves 5 gigs free for MP3 tracks you can play using the unit’s built in “full spectrum FM modulator.” All is this displayed and controlled by a 5” VGA touch screen for $800 list with 12 and 110 power supplies, suction mount, and USB interface included. The 600c does come out of the automotive division—which is probably why I didn’t hear about it until now (thanks, Barry!)—and while the press release says “waterproof”, the spec page says “completely sealed to prevent internal corrosion.” At any rate, it’s supposed to ship in February and I’m on the test list.

Ben Ellison

Ben Ellison

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  1. Ron says:

    I recently borrowed a friends’ iway 500c and got very attached!
    I tried, for about 2 days, a Garmin Nuvi 750 and found that it’s a nice little piece but just not the serious navigator Lowrance equipment is! I returned the Nuvi 750 to West Marine and now, three days later, I’m waiting for my iway 600c to arrive.
    The primary use 100% will be auto.
    Speaking to Lowrance late November 2007, they said the iway 600c will be offered through late 2008. EXCELLENT navigator!!!!

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