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Simrad TP22 NMEA2000 troubleshooting

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Hi all, I have an old TP22 tillerpilot (not sure how old but at least 5-6 years, probably more). Having just installed an NMEA2000 network I've been trying to get it connected via its simnet plug(which I cut off and replaced with a standard micro c field connector). However it only shows up in the source selection screen of my Triton2 as a compass, not an autopilot. So it's somehow detecting the fluxgate but nothing else. I've tried to update it via the data port in the back of the Triton2 (which the Simrad helpline said would work) but it didn't take, presumably since it's not detecting the autopilot in the first place. Simrad help, local distributors and an exhaustive google search didn't turn up any ideas. Just wondering if anyone else has encountered this or has any ideas before I send it off it to get looked at.