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YDES-04 Prevents Engine Start

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Jerome Billett
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So I found this forum just Googling around to troubleshoot why my newly installed NMEA network with the Yacht Devices YDES-04 senders prevent my engines from starting.

I have the Volvo Penta 72P-A motors. If I read the one forum discussion correctly, it sounds like I may need to set the HOURS_OFFSET=  parameter in #Vessel Settings since I do indeed have a new EDC module on the port motor. Does anyone have some more detail about that?

And if Ben Stein happens to see this, I am on C Dock at Legacy if you'd be up for a chat or service call!


Ben Stein
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Hi Jerome,


This sounds like you may be hitting an issue with your EDC controller. The YDES makes requests to the EDC controller and if there are any memory issues in the controller one or more of those requests might be causing the controller to crash. I've worked through this issue with several boat owners by disabling the offending request. 

If you email [email protected] I can get you a config to try. I'm also happy to take a stroll over and take a look. 

-Ben S.