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Tim Leighton
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My Raymarine A-128 chartplotter is giving me fits since it freezes up fairly frequently. I have a brand new Garmin 8616 plotter and am in the process of installing one of their Doppler radars. My AIS (a Raymarine transceiver) is connected to the A-128 and I’d like to figure out how to get it hooked up to the Garmin. Is there a patch cord for this?

Ben Stein
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Hi Tim,


Do you know the model of Raymarine AIS you have? I think all Raymarine AIS units have been equipped with a SeaTalk NG interface. Assuming that's correct, you will be able to use a SeaTalk NG to NMEA 2000 adapter cable (A06046) to connect the STng equipped AIS transceiver to an NMEA 2000 DeviceNet network.


-Ben S.


Scott Johnson
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 I have some write this you can read this. 

To connect your Raymarine AIS transceiver to your new Garmin 8616 chartplotter, you will likely need an NMEA 2000 network. NMEA 2000 is a standard communication protocol used in marine electronics to allow devices from different manufacturers to communicate with each other.

Here's what you'll need to do:

Check Compatibility: Before proceeding, ensure that both your Raymarine AIS transceiver and your Garmin 8616 chartplotter support NMEA 2000. Most modern marine electronics should be NMEA 2000 compatible, but it's essential to verify this information in the product manuals or specifications.

NMEA 2000 Network: Set up an NMEA 2000 network on your boat. This typically involves installing a backbone, connectors, and terminating resistors as per the NMEA 2000 guidelines.

Connect the AIS to NMEA 2000: If your Raymarine AIS transceiver has an NMEA 2000 port, you can directly connect it to the NMEA 2000 network using an NMEA 2000 drop cable. You may need to purchase this cable separately if it didn't come with your AIS unit.

By setting up an NMEA 2000 network and connecting your Raymarine AIS transceiver and Garmin chartplotter using compatible cables, you should be able to share AIS data between the devices seamlessly.

Please note that exact procedures and compatibility may vary based on the specific models of your Raymarine AIS transceiver and Garmin chartplotter, so it's always best to refer to the product manuals and guidelines provided by the manufacturers. If you encounter any issues during the setup process, consider reaching out to the manufacturer's technical support for further assistance.