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Have Furuno FI-501 wind display and Raymarine ST-60 wind sensor, what next?


Ben Ellison
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I got this email from Shane Granger of the historic vessel Vega, which sails humanitarian missions out of Thailand, and maybe a Panbo reader can help out?

My name is Shane Granger and I am the master of the 128-year-old
humanitarian vessel Vega. For the past 15 years every year we have
delivered on average 20 tons of donated educational and medical supplies
to remote island communities in Eastern Indonesia and East Timor . To know
more about our humanitarian work Google “humanitarian vessel Vega” and
watch what pops up.

On the 8th of February Vega was twice dropped from the cradle and
completely flooded while hauling out for her annual maintainance. We are
currently struggling with microscopic budgets to repair the hull and get
enough basic systems functioning to continue our work, which brings me ti
the reason for this email.

Our Raymarine ST-60 wind sensor survived although the gauge did not. A
friend recently donated a new Furuno FL-501 wind gauge without the wind
sensor. An old article of yours from 2009 hinted that the one could work
with the other. Is that true and if possible would you mind sharing any
tips or tricks?

Thanks for your kind assistance

Shane Granger
Humanitarian vessel Vega

PS I also found this article about Vega's current situation:

Ben Ellison
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Hi Shane,

I'm not sure which Panbo article you saw about the Furuno FI-501 Wind Angle instrument, as there were several:

But the point I was making about compatibility was that this -- and other NMEA 2000 wind instruments, which were all new at the time -- could display wind information sourced from N2K wind sensor systems made by other brands. The Raymarine ST-60 family uses the SeaTalk data networkd protocol, not NMEA 2000, and in fact the FI-501 and the ST-60 wind instruments all use analog wind sensors which cable directly to the instrument heads, which then convert the wind info into N2K or SeaTalk.

So you need either a FI-5001 wind sensor or a ST-60 wind instrument head to make use of what you have on hand. I think they can still be found but spending much time or money on either is questionable as neither instrument system is made anymore. You might be better off to seek out a more current wind sensor with N2K display, even second hand, and one plus is that you could use the FI-501 as a second wind display.

Readers may have other opinions or ideas, or even donations. And here's wishing you well with Vega's rehabilitation.

PS Manuals for what you have are online:


Olin Ovid
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Hi...Garmin had a recall a few months ago where they offered to exchange units that were not behaving properly when connected to certain plotters. Evidently the radar units had to be returned to Garmin for a hardware change. When the radars were returned Garmin shipped a replacement unit quite quickly.