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Dockmate Virtual Boat Show Special - FREE INSTALLATION (up to $1,500 savings)

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Ben Stein
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** Virtual Boat Show - Limited Time Offer **
FREE INSTALLATION (up to $1,500 savings!)


Dockmate® Owner Reviews:

  • “Second boat, second Dockmate. I cannot see owning a boat without one installed. Second best thing besides owning a boat is being able to confidently maneuver at a crowded fuel dock or marina.”
  • “I absolutely love my Dockmate. So much so we have upgraded to a bigger boat and are having Dockmate installed into that boat as well. We cannot be more excited for the boat and the Dockmate which makes boating better.”
  • “The Dockmate system has been a delightful addition, especially when anchoring or docking singlehandedly.”
  • “For the first time I was able to see the stern of the boat and was able to dock it without assistance from my wife on wireless headphones. Worked great and eliminated a lot of stress.”
  • ”Fantastic product. It allows me to single hand the boat just as I’d hoped.“
  • “This is the best thing I have ever added to any boat in my 40 + years of boating.”
** Virtual Boat Show - Limited Time Offer **
FREE INSTALLATION (up to $1,500 savings!)


Dockmate Twist Joystick transmitter & wireless controls for:

• 1 or more engines with smooth, variable-speed proportional throttle
• Volvo IPS or Zeus Pods
• 1 or 2 thrusters (and with proportional control if boat is equipped)
• 1 or 2 anchors
• Horn


Dockmate Twist for Volvo IPS controls engines,
Pods, bow thruster, DPS, High Mode, horn:



John Gregory
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I priced out the system and was going to do it last year but never got around to doing it. But this sounds like a good deal.

Dave Kellerman
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Hello all, 

I am a representative of Dockmate. I was sent this thread and I wanted to offer our assistance if needed. I don't want this to look like a shill on Dockmate's part so let me know if I am out of my lane. 

If anyone has questions about our system please let me know. Also, check out this video I just made of a Formula 43 SSC. All composed from my iPhone during install so please be gentle with the flaming.

She was one hell of a boat! This is from my very basic youtube channel.