NavimaQ & SeaFarer/LX

So how about the navigation software for a Mac I mentioned the other day? Ben Ellison hinted at NavimaQ, developed by Barco Software. They also have a Linux navigation tool, SeaFarer/LX, which is now available for beta testing, and will be ported to OS X in a later stage. Furthermore, check out their zCapn, zNav and zNav Lite PDA solutions. (Thanks Ben!)
“NavimaQ will continue on as it is for those users running older Macs. For OS X we will be taking some of the features froml NavimaQ and adding them to SeaFarer/LX. Once that is complete we will port SeaFarer/LX to OS X. We invite all of you to look at the features planned for SeaFarer/LX, then let us know which features you would like to see added from NavimaQ and any other features you feel are important to add to SeaFarer/LX.”

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