NK2 at NMEA, happy stuff

N2K Xantrex c Panbo lr

Look how NMEA 2000 can make a guy grin. That’s Kevin Binnie, Systems Product Manager at N2K Xantrex screens2 c PanboXantrex Technology, showing how his MS2000 Inverter/Charger can gateway to NK2 and hence display its operating status to other displays (here Teleflex and Maretron). The hair dryer let him apply a load so us gawkers could see some action, which was instantaneous. Behind Kevin is Bill Remster of Blue Water Data, who showed me his neat PC program that can read and log raw 2000 data. One thing he does with it is engine warranty “start ups” in which he goes aboard a new boat, hooks into 2000 power plants like Yanmar’s, and records all sorts of engine data at various RPMs, including speed and pitch using 2000 sensors he brings along. Neato.

Also shown at the NMEA Conference was the first generator whose ECM outputs NMEA 2000, which means that installing control panels anywhere is simply a matter of T-ing into the boat’s backbone. The generator also provides power to the backbone, eliminating another cable, and generator status can be viewed on other NK2 displays as all the messages are standard (remember, a certain number of proprietary messages are allowed). Westerbeke (no information on its site yet, but some here) will eventually offer this option on all its generators. Yes!

NK2 Westerbeke

Ben Ellison

Ben Ellison

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