Nobeltec VNS & Admiral 11, the preview

Ben Ellison

Ben Ellison

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  1. Matt Marsh says:

    This looks promising! Being able to funnel all this data into the nav computer opens up a lot of new possibilities. There is so much processing power sitting there, going to waste, in many systems. It could be put to great advantage with all sorts of neat calculations. This range circle is just the tip of the possibilities. Statistical analysis of weather and route data, for example, could help a captain to figure out what route is most likely to avoid the worst part of a storm. Combining weather and sea state data with speed, engine performance and tank levels could lead to a range circle that accounts for head winds and sea state.
    What I like about this is that the tedious, computational work is being offloaded from the captain to the computer- as it should be. What should be presented is a simple, clear visual representation of the final analysis, with the option to look at (and adjust) the details of the process if desired.
    As for cartography…. I don’t particularly care who Nobeltec chooses to partner with. I do know that I, and many others, would consider interoperability to be a Big Plus, ie. the system should be able to read whatever charts I throw at it- S-57, CM93, S-63, BSB, Mapmedia, whatever. Proprietary and/or encrypted chart formats may help keep the business side predictable, but I frankly don’t see how locking a user into one chart supplier (when a different, incompatible set might be better in some regions) is of any benefit. Ten years ago, when there was less competition and it was hard to support more than a handful of formats, sure. Today? I can think of no legitimate reason why every chartplotter shouldn’t be able to read every common chart format.
    (Oh, and Ben- any idea why the captchas keep acting up?)

  2. Chuck Scott says:

    It’s been a darn shame that S-57 support was pulled from the Nobeltec Admiral software. It did have it but their claim was that it was not possible to ensure quality charts if users loaded these S-57 government charts. Go figure.
    That alone is driving me to move to other software. I don’t like doing that either because I’m giving up some features I really like. The logic behind pushing long-term and loyal customers away in this way escapes me.

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