Oceanic Systems launches Poseidon 7, the first of the Poseidon system range expansion

Oceanic Systems (UK) Ltd, manufacturer of alarm, display and control systems for leisure, commercial and military vessels, has launched the new Poseidon 7, a monitoring and control system designed specifically for smaller vessels.

Poseidon 7 offers both sail and power boats the ability to monitor and control any vessel data and display it effortlessly on the small, yet powerful display unit.

Ideal for 25-60ft vessels of all types, the NMEA 2000 certified Poseidon 7 monitors and controls any systems from tank levels, engines, AC and DC power and digital switching, bilge and fire detection systems, and all other vessel systems with ease.

Poseidon 7 can be uniquely configured by the user to create a multipage data and control display using the simple drag and drop editor. With a vast library of options for gauges and controls, and the ability to import schematics, images and backgrounds, it provides total flexibility.

Bruce Coward, Oceanic Systems’ Managing Director, commented, “we always aim to provide unique solutions and excellent products to our customers and Poseidon 7 delivers exactly that. It is the first release of our Poseidon system range expansion and provides a customisable control and monitoring solution for smaller vessels where the classic Poseidon system would be impractical.”

The high resolution, sunlight readable, touchscreen display is also compatible with Ethernet Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC).

Poseidon 7 is housed in a rugged IP67 case and boasts powerful mounting options with either panel or trunnion mounting to be seamlessly integrated into a range of environments.

For more information about Oceanic Systems Poseidon 7, please visit www.osukl.com/Poseidon7

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2 Responses

  1. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    This looks like an impressive system to me, though I think that “smaller vessels” are still pretty elaborate in Ocean Systems parlance.

    I also noticed how the interesting NMEA 2000 “Oceanic Systems’ 5980 Whistle Operating Module provides fully automatic control of the ship’s whistles and warning lights, which can be activated by any Poseidon display.”


  2. Ben Stein Ben Stein says:

    I’m hoping to get my hands on one to evaluate. It looks like this system should have an impressive array of capabilities.

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