Monthly Archive: October 2007

Alden AE 3300, marine BB WB AIO receiver! 8

Alden AE 3300, marine BB WB AIO receiver!


Sorry about my acronym thing! The relatively new and unknown Alden AE-3300 is a black box wide band receiver with included PC software that lets you easily receive Weatherfax, Navtex, Telex, and even medium and high frequency DSC messages, besides listening to most any frequency between 9 KHz and 30 MHz. Hence in marine terms it’s pretty much an all in one receiver…

Icom PCR, name a frequency! 6

Icom PCR, name a frequency!


I’m back in Maine briefly, which means I’m back to testing a couple of black box wideband radio receivers. And I mean WIDE. The Icom PCR2500 can tune in most anything from 10 kHz to 3300 MHz—less a few gaps like the cell phone bands (you have to be official to get that model). And I’ve got a pretty serious antenna…

AnyTrack redux, flaky in NYC 4

AnyTrack redux, flaky in NYC


I felt bad about my harsh review of the AnyTrack monitoring device (and the inflated Sprint cell coverage that gives it Assisted GPS abilities). So I held on to the unit, and tried it again on a trip to Cape Cod, where it did pretty well. I also brought it to New York City, where I figured its claimed ability to determine location inside buildings would really shine. Well, not so much…

It’s Fall, and maybe a flaky Panbo 2

It’s Fall, and maybe a flaky Panbo


The truth is I sometimes use Panbo myself as a sort of diary of where I’ve been and what I was up to, at least in the boating/electronics portion of my life. So I’m sticking up this photo
a friend (thanks, Howard!) took last Thursday evening.

N2KView, PGNs get packetized 3

N2KView, PGNs get packetized


Check out the full size screen shot. I took it here at my desk while designing a custom screen for Maretron’s N2KView monitoring and control application. I was picturing myself the master of a high-end cruiser putting together the screen I’d like to have accessible anywhere on the boat—and off it—when anchored.