Monthly Archive: December 2011

Simrad Broadband Radar 4G, hand’s-on #1 41

Simrad Broadband Radar 4G, hand’s-on #1


I’ve looked forward to testing Simrad’s new 4G Broadband Radar since I saw it demoed in Fort Lauderdale. And how timely that I got out with it and the rest of Gizmo’s test radars over the weekend. Tonight I’m reprising my Seven Sea’s University radar webinar, and now I’ve got fresh material!  (No hard sell meant, but Panbo readers can get the SSCA discount by using the code “Gizmo” and note that you can watch the webinar any time in the next few weeks even if you can’t make it tonight). Plus it’s been weirdly warm here for early December, so I had a pleasant cruise even if almost all those finely targeted Camden Inner Harbor floats are empty in anticipation of what is surely coming…

DeLorme inReach hand’s-on #2, text me! 16

DeLorme inReach hand’s-on #2, text me!


Following up on inReach hands-on #1 — which attempted to be both an overview and a close look at its associated Android app Earthmate — let’s check out the Internet side of the system. The screen above is the user’s web portal at, which DeLorme developed in partnership with GeoPro. Given that GeoPro builds its own pro-level Iridium handhelds, like its new $1,200 SHOUT Nano, it’s no surprise that the portal let’s you thoroughly view and manage inReach communications. It could even be used by, say, a fleet manager to keep an eye on multiple inReach units…