ACR: Search and Rescue Operation off Key Largo Saves Five Lives

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  1. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    I think that detailed marine “near miss” reports like this can be quite valuable. A few aspects I noticed:

    * Yes, the skipper was able to use his cell phone while treading saltwater — even took the top photo himself — but let’s note his youth and five years of experience playing water polo!

    * I know from a memorable visit to the Miami Rescue Coordination Center that Gulf Stream currents can considerably complicate victim location. So a GPS-equipped EPIRB — some still aren’t — can really help the SAR folks (and I presume that’s what happened here).

    * Those beanbag chairs seen serving as flotation gear in the top photo probably made a real difference to this outcome, and they’re also great for relaxing even when a smallish boat is pounding along at speed.

    Finally, it’s 406Day:

  2. I’m guessing he’ll have an automatic bilge pump with audible alarm on his next boat! The fishing must have been really good if the first thing you notice is the engine not starting because the transom just went under.
    The habit of keeping essential safety equipment in locked/latched compartments does seem to be widespread, especially on smaller vessels. A big shout-out to ACR for having an EPIRB smart enough to free itself!

  3. Ted Bost says:

    Amazing self-rescue! Preparedness counts. PFD’s need to be “readily available” per USCG. Throwable PFD must be “immediately available”.

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