Furuno Brings Unique, Game-Changing Features to TZtouch3 with FREE Software Upgrade

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  1. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    As the owner of a TZTouch2, I could whine “what about me?” or I could snark about a “free” MFD upgrade in 2021. BUT I suspect that my TZT3 processor doesn’t have the horsepower for these new features and I think that PGB is already a successful product as an expensive option to TimeZero PC software.

    PBG does require a costly DFF3D Multi-Beam Sonar, but I’m guessing this update may make TZT3 the favorite for some pros like the offshore lobstermen of Maine.

  2. I’ll be playing with both the tzt3 and time zero for PBG abilities/features for the lobstering market.

    Furuno MFDs, radars are rarely in stock at distributors, so it’s partly vaporware. DFF3d and sat compasses are rarely in stock too, so we order those a month or so ahead.

    User needs are varied. Some people don’t have wide enough hull to install a DFF3D transducer and don’t want it in the keel where it might get damaged. People who fish around 100fathoms or deeper need something stronger than DFF3D and 50khz does that well. Equally popular is recording hardness which the DFF3D does not do. The new MFD + DFF3D will be great for many situations though and improve the overall opportunities.

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