Introducing the DataHub by PredictWind

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  1. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    Very interesting! This is a reasonably priced marine WiFi router with GPS, NMEA 2000, and many cruising features built in. While optimized to work with PredictWind’s popular weather and tracking/blogging services, it seems like it could also do a lot on its own.

    Moreover, the DataHub was developed by Luis Soltero, who has an illustrious history with related projects:

    In fact, the DataHub manual includes a link to MV Bliss’s track/blog as Kim and Luis tested the DataHub down into the Bahamas:

  2. Dennis K. Biby says:

    Read the press release, watched the video, read online comments on forums… and still have no clue why I need this. I have Iridium GO w/Predictwind and InReach. They keep harping on GPS. There are a slew of GPS devices on my vessel.

    Looking forward to Panbo comments.

    • Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

      Agreed, Dennis, you probably don’t need a DataHub as it’s meant in part to do what your Iridium GO and inReach are already doing for you. In this case, the user provides their own Internet connections via Ethernet, WiFi or USB — be they satellite, cell, or WiFi shore AP as availability permits — to get inReach style tracking plus the PredictWind weather, blogging etc.

      So some boaters might use the DataHub to get by with cell their best internet connection, and others might use it to avoid low bandwidth satellite service costs when they already have a better sat connection. The Hub can also serve boat data to nav apps, share its internet connections with various devices, and log data for later uploading (and/or polar building).

  3. Luis Soltero Luis Soltero says:

    I will add that PredictWind allows users to simultaneously register both a GO and the DataHub on their tracking account. This allows for real time updates to the tracking page when offshore via the GO and tracking via the DataHub when in costal waters with LTE Internet. Users with dual GO/DataHub systems can then suspend their Iridium Airtime plans while in coastal waters and still keep their blog/tracking up to date. For short offshore trips it may not be worth activating the Iridium airtime. The DataHub would then store position reports on its SD card while out of coverage and then post them when the Internet link becomes average. For these short trips updates would not be real time but nothing would be lost. Just posted at a later date.


  4. Jonathan says:

    Interested in buying the datahub, do you know of there is any option for anchor alarm available?

  5. Luis Soltero Luis Soltero says:

    its in process for release late q4 2022… so soon. The there is a mobile app that communicates with the Hub on your vessel locally via WiFi, over the internet when not on the boat, or over satellite when no internet.

    There are alerts for depth, wind gusts, anchor drag, swing threshold and others…

    look for an announcement soon.


  6. James Frankham says:

    @Luis, What’s the performance of the router like? I’m considering using this as the router for my Starlink, and sharing that 150Mbps connection with three or four other devices/users on board our 40-foot yacht. I appreciate its not designed specifically as a router, and doesn’t have antennas etc, so just concerned about signal strength around the vessel and through-put.

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