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Raymarine ng Show Network Diagram


Curt Grina
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I have a new boat with manufacturer-installed raymarine ng network. It has an axiom MFD and new lighthouse software. Also other instruments and autopilot.

How can I see a diagram of MY network as it has been configured? I really don't want to crawl around tracing wires to learn how the network is hooked up.

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Ben Stein
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You can go into the settings on the Axiom (settings->Network) and see what devices are connected, but that won't show you the physical layout of the network. There's not a way to get a diagram of the physical configuration of the network because the devices don't know how they're connected, just what devices are on the network.


If your boat was built with SeaTalk NG you can get some information from a quick visual examination of the network. With SeaTalk NG blue connectors or blue trace on the cable indicates a backbone connection while white connectors and white trace indicates spur. 


-Ben S.