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Chartplotter replacement for failing Axiom 9

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John Livingston
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I need to replace my Axiom 9 as it recently failed on my first offshore trip. It did not seem to handle the rough and wet conditions well. It first stopped responding to the on/off touch button, then it would stay on permanently, and eventually the screen just showed noise. I’d rather go with a different brand for its replacement, but I fear compatibility, especially with my radar unit, will be an issue. I rather unrealistically would like to move to a 12 inch unit, but pay less than 3 bucks. I’d also lean toward having some buttons, rather than strictly a touch screen. This is at the fairly exposed helm of a 41 foot sailboat.

I mostly use an iPad at the helm for navigation, but it, too, had issues with the wet weather, despite being in a protective case, which did not appear to leak. I use Navionics charts and apps mostly, and Navionics started adding spurious waypoints, among other wacky things. I need a chartplotter I can depend on, should the iPad go out.

The boat came with a lot of Autohelm instruments. I’ve replaced all but the autopilot, and the wind transducer, which I’ve connected to the NMEA2K network via a Raymarine iTC5.

Current equipment:

At helm:

iPad Pro 10.5

Raymarine i70 MFD

Autohelm ST6000 autopilot

Raymarine Axiom 9 (defective)


On NMEA 2000 network:

Vesper Marine XP8000 AIS

Garmin GMI 20 MFD

Raymarine Quantum radar dome (currently connected to the Axiom wirelessly, but it does have the ethernet cable option)

Airmar UDST800 transducer (speed not functioning)

Predict Wind Data Hub

Standard Horizon GX1850 VHF


I’ll also likely replace the Autohelm AP head unit, since it’s not on the network and can’t follow waypoints, etc..





Ben Ellison
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John, I'm pretty sure that the only MFD that will work with your Raymarine Quantum radar is another Axiom (and that's true of most any radar/mfd brand). But I've rarely heard of an Axiom failing like yours, so hopefully the chances of it happening again are slim.

John Livingston
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Thanks, Ben. I'm a bit concerned as I installed a Jet Thruster system myself and am on the FIFTH controller. I eventually had one of their techs fly up from Florida and we determined it was likely something wrong with my charging system, which is Beneteau-installed Balmar. We put the controller on its own battery and charger, and I've had no issues since. No other electronics have failed, so it's probably coincidental. I've not seen any voltage spikes or other easily-detected anomalies. Since I'm shifting to lithium, I'll replace the Balmar regulator with new unit soon. I'll likely pull the alternator and have it tested, with the new regulator, by a very competent local shop. Anyhow, it may well be that whatever was killing the Jet Thruster controllers did the Axiom in as well.

My current thinking on CPs is to go with a Garmin gpsmap 1242xsv for the main unit, and, if I can squeeze it all in, have the 10.5 iPad to one side, and another Axiom 9 to the other, just for radar. I've been disappointed by how Navionics' charts look on the Axiom, which is probably due to my having some settings wrong, and I'm hoping the Garmin will do a better job in that regard. Plus it's got BUTTONS!

Thanks again.



Jeff Stennett
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That's definitely NOT what this user's experience has been !

(Reviewed a year ago)
Close to disappointment !
I'd give Rating  "Average to Fair."
After purchasing new unit and I used it for 6-7 months without any problems, but after approx. 7 months it started to give the following problem: In the morning I can not turn on the unit. I have to swipe the power button for 10-15 min just to be able to turn on this expensive electronic box. After that, using the warranty, my only 7 months old unit was exchanged with god knows how old refurbished unit. Again, first 6 months without any issues and on the 7th month the same problem occurs. When I asked: "How we should proceed fixing this issue which comes already as a trend? ", I was suggested to buy remote keypad RMK-100,which costs insane money, just to be able to turn on the Flagman of the company. This is ridiculous. After contacting Technical support and checking all points like: faults in the installation of the unit, updating to the last software version and gentle sliding ontop the power swipe button I was asked to send my unit to Raymarine's reliability team to look at it without supplying an exchange unit while to examination lasts. So in this time of COVID restrictions and so on it may take up to a month or more to be without sonar unit, which means I can not spend my leisure time practicing my hobby. Just amazing. Also I had been told that even my unit is warranty exchanged, the warranty period will not be extended with the receiving of new unit. Which means that if this problem continue to occur, after the warranty expires I'll have expensive electronic box which takes 15min to start and a lot of prayers. And NO, definitely I'll not recommend this unit to a friend. Better spend more money but buy from the competition like: Hummi or Lowrance.