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Weather Station Display

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Frank Silkwood
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I have an Airmar 220WX weather station. In addition to chart plotter and PC, I send its NMEA 0183 data to a Digital Yacht Wi-Fi gateway in station mode. The data is then available on the boats Wi-Fi via the PepWave router access point. We use the NMEA Remote app to display the data on our iPhones while on the boat. All works great. What would be even better is if there was a dedicated display that could take the data from Wi-Fi and display it in an always on format. Does anyone know how to do this?

We have also tried a typical Accurite weather station which does this, but like others of its kind, it is using some kind of radio signal from its exterior unit, not Wi-Fi. We don’t trust it as much as the Airmar, its exterior unit signal is unreliable and it requires batteries usually in need of replacement.

I guess we could hard wire the Airmar signal to a display, but since it is already on Wi-Fi it would be nice to use it that way.

Ted Arisaka
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Frank - not exactly what you asked for, but I take my Airmar PB200 weather related data and display them on my Maretron DSMxxx displays.  Here is the standard weather display: