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Czone and Lumitec  


Miguel Colmenero
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I am installing a czone system for a 31 Contender and installing all lumitec lights... I have read that new lights have a PLI system that czone utilize for use in dimming and change colors ... 

my question is .. is there a how to program czone for lumitec lights ? 

Ben Stein
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I'm not aware of one but I'm going to reach out to Lumitec and see if they've got anything.


-Ben S.


Mike Radford
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@ben-stein  I have been attempting to get information on this as well.  I have a Czone system that I installed on my Sundancer 350 and I also have Lumitec Seablaze X2 underwater lights that are currently controlled via a POCO module integrated with my Garmin MFD.  In the Czone training material there is a reference to a future update of the Czone software that will provide for integration of Czone and Lumitec.  That training material is at least a year old and I haven't yet been able to find out the update is due to come out that will allow for this integration.  I'm interested to hear if Ben has been able to find out anything about this.