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Garmin 8416: Vessel...
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Garmin 8416: Vessel fuel range and incorrect date, error.

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 I have reached out to Gamin "customer support" with their advice to head back to the tech installer. This was done at $140 later, is to return the question back to Garmin.

Error 1: Diesel engine reading accurate fuel flow. Tank fuel level set and accurate. Selected screen tab to display 'vessel (fuel) range", i.e tank level / fuel flow hr x Kt hr = vessel range. This is not displaying. Appreciate any assistance. FYI it feels like a software issue, as opposed to a component issue. The vessel range is essential for trip plans under way.  


Error 2: Tide information, displays 01 December 2001, change date function to current date, correctly displays current tide information. Upon exiting and then re-entering tide information page, the date reverts back to 01 December 2001.  Using a garmin gps 76 antenna (if i recall correctly), so it is a current garmin antenna. No component satellite time issue between device and antenna.


Well, hope someone here can help more than garmin wasting my time and money....And appreciate in advance, thanks.

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