METS 2012 show report part 1: MFDs and navigation displays

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  1. Adam says:

    Great report, Kees, thanks! The reintroduction of the DST900 is very good news.

  2. Richard C says:

    Did Airmar give any hint as to what the DST-900 will cost?
    I’m refinishing the boat bottom this winter and it’s a perfect opportunity to close up one transducer hole if I plan to install a DST-900 to do speed/temp/depth.

  3. Hendrik says:

    Great Post Kees!
    …. I want to start developing some GoFree apps!….. I’ll be glad to test the things for Fast motorboats for you. (

  4. Hendrik says:

    Nfauge will be in the Tir1 and tier play as well around Q2 and Q3 2013

  5. Paul says:

    Any indication as to what data formats it will support? I assume NMEA 2K, but what about NMEA 0183 and analog instruments? Reports since 2009 on the DST900 have never mentioned a black box before and info that was available led me to believe the electronics were in the transducer itself. Do you know if they are changing tack?

  6. stiletto says:

    Can you pester Navico to get an actual release date for GoFree? We are running out of November!

  7. Hendrik says:

    Ngauge that is ๐Ÿ™‚
    We still got a few day’s in november

  8. Kees says:

    Click on the photo to see the black box up close and you’ll find NMEA 2000, 0183 and analog all mentioned.

  9. Kees says:

    Nope, they didn’t want to say. It’s highly likely that pricing has not been decided yet, as development hasn’t finished.

  10. Dan Corcoran (b393capt) says:

    Thanks Kees !

  11. Of course I got tired of waiting for the Airmar ultrasonic triducer and installed a Maretron paddlewheel unit just a couple of weeks ago! Drats.

  12. Peter T. says:

    Zeus Touch… My dream comes true. Until now, my heart was bouncing between e95 and Zeus 8. Now my choice is made. Some web site already list the T7 and T8 as “In stock, ready to ship”.
    Initial information is very thin. Would like to get my hands on a user manual. Some info I could not find as: AIS data display and GRIB data from a file.

  13. Henning says:

    About the DST-900:
    I was given mostly the same information about availability on last year’s METS (in a few months) and was also shown an engineering sample – though this did not have a black box then.
    This is to say that I personally would not, for example, pay the yard to close the hole formerly used by the depth sounder this winter, believing that I will receive my DST-900 in March in time for a launch date in April…
    Steve Boucher, Airmar’s CEO, took almost 30 minutes of his time to walk me through their booth and answer my questions. I felt flattered but I came away thinking: would he not rather be at his desk in Maine directing an enterprise? There are almost no alternatives when it comes to high quality sensors and, in my opinion, the boating world depends more on what they put out the door than how much face time they spend with customers.
    And any effort directed towards customer information should first be invested in their website…
    But enough complaining – when I do it is mostly because I have to resist the urge to apply for a job with them to help fix these weak areas.
    Following last year’s visit to their booth, I ordered a CS4500 which I have been mostly happy with but I agree that the whole install of:
    – a CS4500 with a black box
    – a P319 sounder
    – an Actisense DST-2 with 0183 output
    – am Actisense NGW-1 for conversion of 0183 to N2K
    is priced much higher and a much more complicated install than a single transducer with a black box.
    I am currently running my P319 and CS4500 off my Simrad NSS7 but I will make the switch to the DST-2 and NGW-1 as the DST-2 allows for speed calibration with multiple correction values, each for a specific speed. I have found that I need this and know of no other way to get it.
    I was also told that the depth sounder part of the DST-900 would not have as good performance (reach as deep) as a dedicated sounder owing to the smaller surface area of the sounder part.

  14. Peter T. says:

    Found my answer on the Zeus Touch. AIS and GRIB weather-file display will be included.

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