New Garmin Boat Switch offers premium digital switching features for more boaters than ever before

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  1. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    This switch is clearly related to the EmpirBus Connect 50, and so there’s more detail about it here:

    This is no surprise as Garmin acquired EmpirBus in 2018. What seems new about the Boat Switch are the prebuilt wiring harnesses and a Garmin MFD interface that apparently makes it possible for even a boat owner to install the switch and set up custom control and monitoring screens.

    There are some digital switching features I don’t see — like can you create “scenes” to activate and dim multiple light circuits at once? — but maybe those will be clarified in Miami this week.

  2. it seems to be a tad behind the Czone Control X PLUS modules without a Hbridge or RGB support. but not bad

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