Race transponders, a new wrinkle

Flagship TransponderSome 75 boats in tomorrow’s 97th running of the Mackinac race will be using a new FlagShip transponder supposedly built to very high standards. It’s quite compact (empty Bass Ale bottle for size reference only), operates on its own rechargeable battery, and will be sending location, speed and heading every hour. Once started, we’ll be able to track the race here. Interestingly, the FlagShip also “provides two-way communications”, though the press release is vague about how, and what can be done with it. Also interesting, the developer is a lady IT specialist who is a regular and successful captain in the race.

Ben Ellison

Ben Ellison

Panbo editor, publisher & chief bottlewasher from 4/2005 until 8/2018, and now pleased to have Ben Stein as a very able publisher, webmaster, and editing colleague. Please don't regard him as an "expert"; he's getting quite old and thinks that "fadiddling fumble-putz" is a more accurate description.

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