SafeLife, through satellite EPIRB/PLB testing

SafeLife sat test

Last May I wrote about the benefits of live end-to-end EPIRB/PLB testing and a company—BeaconSure—that I thought could do it for us. I also e-mailed BeaconSure at that time and never heard back, and really don’t know if that link is anything more than an abandoned business plan. So I’m pleased to learn of SafeLife, a company that seems serious about a similar testing service, and more…

According to SafeLife’s Web site, $99 per year will get you not only multiple affirmations that your EPIRB or PLB really can deliver your distress call, ID, and location—even the optional GPS type—back to earth via satellite, but also online maintenance and battery reminders and trip planning. Complete beacon management, not inexpensive but thorough! I heard about SafeLife from EPIRB/PLB expert Doug Ritter, mentioned in his excellent preview of some interesting next generation PLBs from ACR. I’ll definitely write more on that subject when the marine versions are further detailed. In the meantime, if anyone out there tries SafeLife, please report back.

PS. Heck of day in the USA, what?


Ben Ellison

Ben Ellison

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  1. CharlieJ says:

    A HECK of a day!!!

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