Simrad engine display, better than dials?

Simrad CX44 front crop

I wear a watch with hands, but I’m not crazy about traditional engine gauges, especially when there are rows and rows of them, and most especially when they’re digitally rendered. Yes, a screen like this SmartCraft/Northstar combo looks ‘wow’, but isn’t Simrad’s version above, bigger here, much more screen efficient and informative? By my count, the bar gauges on this half display represent nine data points, or eighteen dials with dual engines. I haven’t seen this monitoring in actual use, but I’d hope that there could be ticks for ‘normal’ values, and maybe changing or flashing colors for critical values. Electronic engines combined with the smarts and displays of navigation electronics offer such wonderful possibilities (which, of course, is why the break up of Brunswick New Technologies seems especially mysterious).

Note that Simrad can display data from engines that use the NMEA 2000 protocol, or can speak it through an electronic bridge. Note too that this screen also shows Simrad’s unique radar overlay “sandwich”. See how the yellow targetry lays over the charted land but then the nav aids lay over everything (like the lighthouse at about 2 o’clock and 2 range rings from the boat). This is a little nuance that everyone else should copy! 

Ben Ellison

Ben Ellison

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  1. Curt says:

    “targetry”…now thats a new one for me! Is that an official IMO term? :~)

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