The New Iridium GO! exec Redefines Personal Off-the-Grid Connectivity

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  1. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    I missed the interesting new GO! exec as it was teased in December and then officially announced in late January. But that means PredictWind is already offering attractive offshore weather, tracking, email etc bundles:

    Plus there are some informed forum discussions underway about GO exec versus (or plus) StarLink:

  2. Bob says:

    If nothing else, Starlink should begin to put significant downward price pressure on this silliness. $600+ per month for 100 MB at a max of 88Kb / second. Umm…no.

    • Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

      Not sure where you saw that rate, Bob, but here’s one of PredictWind’s lower-cost plans, which includes a lot more than a wee bit of data (though maybe good enough for weather info and some email):

      GO! exec 50 Plan Details
      Activation fee: $49.95
      Cost: $159.95/month
      Data: 50MB
      Voice minutes: 50 mins
      Extra data: $4.21/MB
      Inbound voice calls: FREE*
      Outbound voice calls to other Iridium phones: $0.55/min
      Outbound voice calls to mobile and landline: $0.70/min
      Outbound voice calls to other satellite phones: $12.63/min
      * Free for recipient. Calls to Iridium GO! exec are charged to the caller at rate of US $0.66/min.
      Plus “Free messaging available from Q3 2023.”

      Also, apparently some service providers like Seatech Systems make it fairly easy to start/stop service.

      Iridium Cerebus/exec is definitely not StarLink, but I see some informed people quite doubtful the future StarLink will be nearly as great a deal on boats as it has been at first.

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