Monthly Archive: August 2004

Without Re-Course 0

Without Re-Course

Boating World Magazine has a roundup of nine chartplotters. Some of them have been highlighted on this weblog before. They discuss the following brands and models: Navman Tracker 5110, Raymarine RC400, Garmin GPSMAP 178C,...

Wi-Fi In Boating 0

Wi-Fi In Boating

Check out this article if you’re thinking about Wi-Fi enabling your boat. Also have a look at HauteRoute’s Distance Calculator… “When used in conjunction with extended range base station equipment such as the HauteRoute...

Atlas of Pilot Charts 0

Atlas of Pilot Charts

For those of you cruising the world’s oceans, this might be interesting. Found over at the World-Cruising mailing list. “Ooohh, what a find! Pilot charts for the whole world…free…in pdf format. Large files.-Ken”

Inmarsat’s BGAN For Leisure Yachts 0

Inmarsat’s BGAN For Leisure Yachts

Unfortunately we will have to wait for another two years before Inmarsat’s BGAN service will be available (pdf) for leisure yachts. But at that time all you need is a mini-M terminal, like the...

Brunswick’s SmartCraft 0

Brunswick’s SmartCraft

Brunswick’s SmartCraft system is moving slowly from PR to products. “That is why we designed SmartCraft with three independent CAN communication lines. It allows cross communication among these three CAN lines without risk of...

Entry-Level LCD Radars 0

Entry-Level LCD Radars

An LCD radar roundup over at will help you prevent overspending on this very important piece of technology onboard. Furuno at “Our field test of seven relatively inexpensive radar systems (average price...

3D Weather Reports 0

3D Weather Reports

Not sure how and if this will work with chart overlay…, but it looks pretty cool. I’m sure this will provide you with better insight into how the weather actually works so you will...

AIS For Leisure Yachts 0

AIS For Leisure Yachts

AIS, Automatic Identification System, has been mentioned here before. Over at the Yachting and Boating World Forums there’s a discussion on whether it already is or should be adopted by the marine leisure industry....

VistaPix Binocular & Digital Camera 0

VistaPix Binocular & Digital Camera

Wired’s Gadget Lab features Celestron’s VistaPix Model 72212 Binocular & Digital Camera in its newsletter. It’s not yet best of both worlds, but worth a look. Celestron VistaPix Model 72212 at “These stealthy...