Announcing the New Simrad NSO evo3S

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  1. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    It wasn’t obvious to me on first read, but the “plain” NSO Evo3 models are all-in-one MFDs while the Evo3 MPU models use a black box processor able to run two “dumb” displays. So you get to choose based on redundancy, install, and value considerations. This seems like customer-friendly design, and I also think that a dual 19″ MPU system at $11g is a good deal.

  2. Joe says:

    Hi Ben, looks like the B&G link is to the old version of the product – this is the B&G equivalent:

  3. Enrique Carrasco says:

    Is not IP video still available?

  4. Cmgreeniv says:

    So Ben while your rolling around the MYS ask the simrad guys if their website is correct: MPU:dual quad core processors… or your site is correct, dual six core processors.

  5. Cmgreeniv says:

    Ok so apparently the 19” dual system with mpu for $10999 includes the “p” monitors which are for pilot house installs and are only 300nits. The “t” monitors are 1,000nit. And not included in a bundle. Any intel on that front?

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