Digital Yacht America launch ENGINELink NMEA 2000 gateway at Miami 2023

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  1. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    I admire the way Digital Yacht develops devices with a specific, even narrow, purpose. This engine display system, for instance, may be exactly what some boaters are looking for, and I don’t know of a more straightforward way to get NMEA 2000 engine data well displayed on a phone or tablet.

    But the marine electronics geek in me has some notes: ENGINELINK is actually an NMEA 2000 to WiFi gateway with a built-in web server tailored to engine PGN display. The good news not really detailed in the press release is that it can also feed data like GPS and AIS to mobile nav apps, just like many other N2K-WiFi gateways. On the other hand, I suspect that a little more configuration work can result in a similar engine display (and more) using something like the Yacht Device YDWG with its web gauges, or an Actisense W2K with an app like NMEA Remote.

    Then again, the ENGINELink brochure PDF mentions some niceties like “Set alarm/alert thresholds…” The manual isn’t available yet but I’m hoping that means the sophisticated alarming DY introduced in 2021 with NavAlert:

    I think that would make ENGINELink pretty special.

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