ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus 3HP Electric Outboard Now Available in the U.S.

Somerset, N.J. – ePropulsion, the global leader in marine electric propulsion systems and services, announced today the Spirit 1.0 Plus electric outboard motor is now available in the United States from its national distributors Mack Boring (East Coast) and Four Seas (West Coast). The innovative Spirit 1.0 Plus system provides lightweight, efficient, simple-to-use, quiet propulsion that is vibration, emission and exhaust free. Providing enough power to easily match a 3-hp four-stroke gasoline outboard motor, the Spirit 1.0 Plus is more than capable of propelling a 10-foot tender or can be an auxiliary power source for a daysailer up to 1.5 tons.

The Spirit 1.0 Plus pushes the upper limit of range and reliability with its high energy efficiency, innovative propeller design and unmatched battery capacity. Featuring a 1276Wh battery, the largest available for a motor of this size, the Spirit 1.0 Plus can reach up to approximately 5 knots with a range of 6.4 nautical miles and 1-hour, 15-minute runtime at full speed. At lower speeds, runtime can be extended to around 20 hours and a range of 46 nautical miles. The Spirit 1.0 Plus’ battery is rated IP67 for dust and water protection, allowing it to operate in any condition. The battery is easily managed, weighing just 19 pounds – and it floats. Batteries can be changed in as little as one minute and have a charge time of 3.5 to 8.5 hours, depending on the charger. They can even be charged with environmentally friendly solar panels. The engine’s 48V operating voltage allows Spirit 1.0 Plus to work with an external ePropulsion or third-party battery to extend range. Available in three sizes, the 2048Wh E40, 4096Wh E80 and 8960Wh E175 ePropulsion E-Series batteries can extend full speed runtimes to 2-, 4- and 9-hours, respectively. 

“We are pleased to offer our Spirit 1.0 Plus 3HP electric outboard motor to boaters in the United States,” said Chris Ponnwitz, ePropulsion spokesperson and marketing specialist, Mack Boring & Parts Company. “When looking for green, reliable and practical electric propulsion systems, our solutions are very affordable and flexible. With its exceptional range and ease-of-use, for ship-to-shore or tender transport, the Spirit 1.0 Plus is the ideal solution.”

Designed for portability, the Spirit 1.0 Plus is compact, lightweight and easily stores in a customized bag. It has a completely maintenance-free design and the direct drive results in a tremendously reduced number of parts. Three shaft sizes are available: Extra Short, Short and Long lengths. The motor weighs 24 pounds; the included battery weighs 19.4-pounds. The Spirit 1.0 Plus is covered by a two-year warranty. The Spirit 1.0 Plus is available at a cost of $1,999 USD, a 1276Wh battery included. For more information on ePropulsion or its revolutionary electric motors and accessories, please visit www.epropulsion.com.

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  1. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    Interesting! The Spirit 1.0 Plus seems to have borrowed many design details from Torqeedo, but also seems to compete as much on performance as price. As in their claim that the included 1276Wh battery “delivers 50% more runtime than Torqeedo 1103C at any speed.” {Update: ePropulsion is changing that claim to “at full speed” because other speeds are hard to compare precisely.}

    I’m not yet familiar with ePropulsion but I believe that Mack Boring has a fine reputation, and I think it’s neat to see a marine diesel company expand in this direction.

  2. Ingmar says:

    I really hate that stupid protruding cable on the top, which they seem to have managed to put in an even more exposed place than Torqueedo. The connector should be labeled “snap off here to begin regretting your purchase”.

  3. Luis Soltero Luis Soltero says:

    hi ingmar,

    the good news is that they only have one cable. torquedo has 2 (one for the battery and one for the tiller).. so 50% improvement!

    I have to say that I love my torquedo.. 50% more range would be amazing. Although the range we have now with the torquedo has not been an issue. For example.. we spent a week at anchor in newport at the last boat show (anchored way out) and managed to dingy back and forth all week without recharging. Note that we do have the larger capacity battery.

    The interesting thing is that our motoring profile has changed dramatically when we moved from our gas 2.5 outboard to the torquedo. With gas we were open throttle all the time moving at 5 knots on our 10′ trinka. Now… we run at 3 knots (we could do 5) keep the 0 wake and try to prolong the charge on the battery…so our dingy rides are quieter, more relaxing, and over all more enjoyable since we don’t have to deal with noise and can have meaning full conversations.

    After living with torquedo for over a year now our range anxiety has pretty much vanished. We gaze at the battery level indicator every once in a while but for the most part just don’t worry about it.

    having that much more range would really take care of the range anxiety! I am looking forward to seeing one of these new ePropolsion units…


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