Flux Marine debuts electric outboard motors at 2021 Newport International Boat Show

Flux Marine has redesigned the outboard motor from the ground up to deliver power and reliability while eliminating the pollution that plagues gasoline and diesel-powered engines

Newport, R.I. – Flux Marine, developer of electric outboard motors and battery systems for recreational watercraft, showcased its innovative propulsion systems for the first time at this year’s 2021 Newport International Boat Show (September 16-19, 2021). Flux Marine has redesigned the outboard motor from the ground up to deliver power and reliability while eliminating the pollution that plagues gasoline and diesel-powered engines.

Flux Marine currently offers 15HP, 40HP, and 70HP electric outboard models, but is able to custom scale power output to meet just about any customer requirements. Leveraging the latest in solid-state components and battery technology to deliver zero emissions without sacrificing performance, the Flux Marine electric outboards also eliminate many of the maintenance pains of standard combustion engines like impeller replacement and winterization. The whisper-quiet motors are ideal options for boating on electric-only lakes, for fishing vessels looking for supreme stealth, and any other small craft owner looking to protect the very environment that they enjoy while yachting.

“It’s estimated that recreational boating alone discharges 150 million gallons of unburned gasoline into our waters every year, and that doesn’t even begin to account for the carbon emissions from recreational watercraft burning fossil fuels,” said Ben Sorkin, CEO of Flux Marine. “By redesigning the outboard engine from the ground up, we’ve been able to create an all-electric platform that eliminates these environmental impacts, reduces maintenance and is virtually silent, all without sacrificing performance.”

Compatible with standard 120V, 240V and EV fast-charging stations, Flux Marine outboards never need to visit the fuel dock. While total range is dependent on hull specifications and operating conditions, mounted on its 21.5’ dual console demo boat, the Flux Marine 100 HP outboard delivers a range of 75+ nautical miles and top speeds nearing 35 knots. All Flux Marine motors feature proprietary battery systems specially designed for marine motors, quiet belt drive systems and high-output drive train systems capable of high continuous discharge. Incorporating a heat exchanger into the motor’s lower unit eliminates the need for seawater circulation. Additionally, a custom throttle system includes an LED display providing predictive range and speed output, and integrates GPS and mobile connectivity.

Flux Marine is currently accepting preorders for its lineup of 15HP, 40HP, and 70HP electric outboard standalone models, as well as several boat packages with up to 100HP. To preorder, or for more information about repowering any hull, please visit https://www.fluxmarine.com/.

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3 Responses

  1. Enrique says:

    Obviously the range is at minimum speed or very low range at high speed

    • Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

      Hard to tell as the Flux site shows no information about their batteries. I’m glad to see another company tackling electric outboards but look forward to when Flux reveals more about their technology.

  2. Samuel says:

    Hi Enrique, actually the 75 mile range is at about 20mph. At minimum speed the range is actually around 200-300 miles.

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