HF Radio E-Mail for ‘Idi-Yachts’

Ocean Navigator has a very short, but also very positive, review of a book called ‘HF Radio E-Mail for ‘Idi-Yachts”, written by Marti Brown. It’s a guide for setting up and using wireless e-mail through ham/marine SSB radio.
“The book offers the information simply, assumes limited knowledge on the part of the reader without being overly simplistic. Chapters include discussion of HF equipment, both ham and single-sideband radios and modem choices; rigging an HF radio in a sailboat; a discussion of various service providers and their offerings; a valuable chapter that describes how to make all your communications gear work together; and discussions on HF operation. The book�s CD-ROM includes related articles, software programs and samples of data sounds encountered in HF comms.”

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