Najade, lovin the old Furuno

Najad helm

My buddy CharterWave Kim took these shots at an Italian charter boat show, and I thank her for passing them to Panbo. Najade’s dishwasher-size radar is an oldish 1965 Furuno FR2010, which apparently still works fine…at least after its three minute warm up. Furuno may even still have parts (tubes!?) for it. That’s a Furuno policy that many owners appreciate almost as much as the performance. I mention it because I was bit shocked last week to see a Raymarine customer note stating that they are “sorry to say but we can no longer repair or provide parts for the ST 80 system.” Which seemed pretty harsh, as the customer says he installed his ST 80 instruments new in 2001.


Ben Ellison

Ben Ellison

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  1. Oskar Axelsson says:

    My guess is, that this radar is from 1985.

  2. Skip Strong says:

    You might want to check the date on the radar. That looks a whole lot more like a 90’s version radar than a 60’s.

  3. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    Hmmmm…I guess Kim misunderstood, and I didn’t know better. Skip would know. It does look old in 2007.

  4. Preston Calvert says:

    I found many references on the web to this radar in ship fitments from vessels built or refitted in the late ’80’s-early ’90’s. It has ARPA capability.
    A pretty modern “big-boy boat” radar.

  5. The furuno 2010 manual has a 1st edition (C) of 1987 so i would guess thats the same sort of time the 2010 went into production.

  6. Actually, it’s Najade that’s built in 1965. She recently went through an extensive refit. The captain told me it was the original radar, but maybe he meant “original to whenever he came onboard…”

  7. bythor says:

    Yes, as most people have figured, it’s more likely to be late eighties than nineties as suggested. The FR2010 is still in use on a number of commercial vessels. Unlike the ‘leisure; type radars, these are more likely to be at least 12kW, and up to probably 25kW of power. The radar displays are quite simple to work on, being mostly modular inside. And I believe yes, there are soem tubes and other spares kicking around. (at least here in the uk anyway).

  8. Fozail says:

    Hi! There is a broken link in the post for Najade. Fraser Yachts website has been redesigned, so please update your link to:

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