News: Garmin Nautix, Gemeco resources, GOST Tracker, Go-Free Hooked & Furuno MCU004 keypad

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  1. emsusa says:

    R.e. Garmin Nautix, I wonder if it will always be Garmin to Garmin only or if there is an alternative n2k to ANT transmitter… would it work?

  2. Sheldon Haynie says:

    The Nautix looks interesting, for those who are not using Garmin, the Eyeregatta option may be useful

  3. Adam Hyde says:

    I agree, Garmin could expand the sales of the product by selling an inexpensive N2K ANT gateway. To my knowledge there isn’t one yet. I have just had confirmation from Garmin engineers that the accelerometer in the Nautix is to detect which side of the head it is attached to and adjust screen orientation accordingly.

  4. Peter T. says:

    There is a N2K ANT gateway from Garmin. It is the GNT10. But it is not listed as compatible with Nautix.

  5. Adam Hyde says:

    The official word from Garmin is that the GNT10 isn’t presently compatible with the Nautix but that may change, stay tuned…

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