Raymarine Launches Five New Product Lines

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  1. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    More detail about these new products in a Miami Show video Raymarine posted on Facebook:


    Also, something interesting I missed at METS (probably among many) is how Raymarine has integrated Axiom with the EchoPilot Forward Looking Sonar, specifically the FLS 3D Gen 4 :


    • Ben Stein Ben Stein says:

      I’m glad you pointed out the EchoPilot integration. I’ve thought it was a noteworthy omission from Raymarine’s product line. I’m still hoping someone can crack the nut of limited range at shallower depths but it’s nice to see Raymarine systems have an option

      -Ben S.

  2. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    Just added more hi-res photos, plus Raymarine also sent more product details:

    * Axiom 2 Pro RVM and Axiom 2 Pro-S. RVM is RealVision MAX sonar (2D and 3D) where -S is basic 200 kHz CHIRP for cruising or sailing boats built in. These are shipping now. 9, 12 and 16-inch sizes.

    * Axiom 2 XL. Miami was more of a “preview” event for Axiom XL 2. They will ship in mid to late March. 16, 19, 22 and 24-inch sizes.

    * RVM-1600 Sonar. This is a black-box version of RealVision MAX sonar. It’s mostly used with Axiom 2 XL systems, but you can network it with any Axiom, new or old, that wants to take advantage of the RealVision MAX sonar improvements. This product is shipping now.

    RealVision MAX consists of a 600-Watt high-frequency band CHIRP channel, DownVision, SideVision, and 3D from a Raymarine-produced transducer. It also has a 1kW CHIRP sonar built-in with a dedicated connector that works with Airmar 1kW and higher broadband transducers.

    * RVM-100 and RVM-400 Transducers. RVM-100 is a transom mount, and RVM-400 is a series of through hulls for RealVision MAX. RV-400 through hulls are all stainless steel (no bronze or plastic options.) RV-400 is an all-in-one for a mostly flat spot on the hull. RV-412 is a pair of through hulls with 12° of deadrise compensation while RV-420 is a pair with 20° of compensation.

    Though RVM products will work with the prior-generation RealVision 3D transducers, to get the most benefit from the sonar improvements you should fit the new transducers too. The 200 kHz high CHIRP band now has a much larger ceramic inside, and pings with 600-watts RMS power. The DownVision and SideVision elements are now longer to give them tighter beams. We also ping them at a much faster rate that helps with clarity and detail.

    * CAM300 is a new marine camera for augmented reality and general onboard CCTV duties. This one is a full-HD (1080p) signal with near-infrared night vision and built in IR illumination. It has a 160° field of view which makes it work particularly well for augmented reality duty.

  3. Every time RayMarine updates their MFD line I feel more ancient.. just 9 years ago we bought the “latest and greatest” system they had – about 5 generations olde now. They stopped updating the firmware at least 5 years ago, and they won’t even work on our unit any more (no parts).
    I started looking into updating a couple years ago and discovered that most of the Axiom series is significantly deeper than our e95, which is a problem as we have ours mounted in a helm console with limited depth inside (NavPod GP2170). The Axiom Pro has dimensions that suggest that it might fit, if we use the right-angle main power cord – but when I looked at the diagrams for the Axiom 2 units, they stopped giving the package dimensions and instead invented a new measurement that supposedly includes the cabling – and that dimension is waaay too deep for our console. I guess I’ll have to take my handy-dandy tape measure to a boat show to be sure.

    S/V Atsa

  4. Hi Hartley. The new Axiom 2 Pro 9-inch screen has a depth of 201.4mm (7.95 inches) including the cables protruding from the back, using the stock cables supplied in the kit which would include a straight power cable. I am getting this info from a CAD drawing our engineering team produced for the the Axiom 2 Pro 9-inch model. The 12 and 16-inch units are just slightly more shallow than the 9-inch screen is.

    I realize too that this figure is much shallower than what our published specs are saying right now. I apologize for that error and we’ll get it fixed.

    We do offer a 90-degree power cable that should make that even more shallow. I don’t have an exact measurement for it but I have just reached out to our team to try and get that for you.

    We do have CAD drawings of all of our products on Raymarine.com that show the mounting clearances. Feel free to email me at [email protected] and I’d be happy to forward them to you and help you figure out what will best fit in your space.

    • Thank You for the quick reply, James! Yes, that is the figure I had noted on the CAD drawing, and since our Pod is only 6.42 inches deep (at its deepest point), clearly this won’t work. We have the right-angle plug on our e95, and there is enough clearance (though not a lot to spare!) but I cannot compare our old unit to the new Axiom 2, as the method of presenting the dimensions has changed! The drawing for the e95 shows the depth of the unit itself (no cables) as 64mm (2.52″) – the Axiom Pro dimensions are shown as 2.54″ to the back of the case, and 4.61″ to the cabling with the RA plug. The Axiom 2 Pro has the only dimensions shown/listed for depth are that 7.95″ for the straight plug or 7.14″ when using the right-angle cable. Is it really 2.5″ deeper? Both of these dimensions are so far from usable with our NavPod that I cannot consider trying to jam it in there – and the thought of trying to construct my own console is a daunting one! The real question is how “tight” is the listed depth requirement? I had to construct a shallow NMEA2K connection to my IC-506 to fit inside, if the requirement is based on a full-depth network connection, I can get around it 🙂
      A second question – visually (using the drawings in the manuals) the main power/NMEA 0183/etc. connection looks identical between all of these units – I would be surprised if they were, but are they similar?
      I have always appreciated RayMarine’s willingness to provide documentation to the public for your equipment – your online support in that regard has always been excellent! It was a real shame that the older online support forum had to be discontinued, as it was a wonderful resource.

      S/V Atsa

      • The longest/deepest plug of all of them is the 25-pin connection for the RealVision MAX/RealVision 3D sonar transducer. We do make a 90-degree connector for it, but I am speculating a bit that you are probably looking for at the Axiom 2 Pro-S variant without the RealVision MAX sonar. The -S version has a basic high frequency CHIRP sonar in it for depth sounding, but if you already have a depth instrument on your instrument network, you might not even connect a transducer directly to the Axiom so your cabling will be simpler.

        For an Axiom 2 Pro you’ll most likely have these cables in play: Power, NMEA2000/SeaTalk NG, RayNet Ethernet.

        Optional connectors on it would be the transducer, a second RayNet Ethernet, HDMI out, and an external GPS antenna. Axiom 2 Pro does not have native NMEA 0183 on it. If you do need that you’d want to look at a 3rd party adapter for it.

        I’ll have some updated cable clearance figures for you shortly.

        • Hi James! You are absolutely correct – while a 3D sonar would be cool, we’re not likely to be putting the requisite transducer in our sailboat anytime soon 🙂 I don’t think I could get any sort of sizable cable connector through the 1.25″ tubing going up there anyway. You have our connections correct: Power, NMEA2K (StNG) and Raynet. We have no need for NMEA0183 any longer.
          I really appreciate your help on gaining insight into the clearances here – as you’ve seen, we’re a bit tight there at our helm station.

          S/V Atsa

          • For those who were wondering, James was able to send me pictures showing the depth requirement with the right-angle power connector and a couple others (but not the sonar connections) and the Axiom 2 Pro should fit our Pod just fine! I’m sure he would be happy to post them here is anyone wants to see.

            S/V Atsa

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