Track Your Yacht Via The Web

More and more private yachts are using real time tracking systems to locate their vessels via a web based interface, anywhere and anytime. PurpleFinder seems to be one of the most popular. It has two basic features, PurpleFinder Reporter and PurpleFinder Guard.
PurpleFinder Reporter – enabling two-way location, monitoring and communication with your remote people and assets worldwide.”
PurpleFinder Guard – providing two-way data communication to enable you to locate, monitor and protect your vulnerable people and assets around the world. Providing the DSAS Ship Alert System for discreet ship to shore emergency notifications.”

Looking at what you need in terms of technology, hardware and software, it can be deployed relatively easy. You can even embed your location on your boat’s website in real-time… One other nice feature is called ‘geofencing’:
“Geofencing – send us your latitude-longitude boundary coordinates and we will preprogramme your D+ unit to automatically broadcast the yacht’s position if this boundary is crossed. Perfect for bareboat charter! If the coordinates are set to the harbour or marina entrance then you will be notified as soon as the yacht is moved.”

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