WAAS weirdness, part III

Ben Ellison

Ben Ellison

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  1. Davandron says:

    There ya go!
    BTW, a side note on what you might see from all these different receivers: the WAAS satellites transmit the corrections AND a “regular GPS signal.” Right now, the new satellites are still being dialed in on their “regular GPS signal” (aka ranging signal) so the error is listed as relatively high. Specifically, today its +/- 175m and +/- 50m, where-as a normal GPS satellite with WAAS corrections is +/- 3m. Anyway, the result is that some chipsets might show the WAAS satellites’ signals as an “empty bar” even though they also show differential mode. It just means they aren’t using the ranging signal from the WAAS satellites.

  2. Ron Rogers says:

    Thank you for contacting Furuno USA, Inc.
    On the GP37 we can set it to manually look at the new WAAS satellite. To do this, please refer to the WAAS setup in the attached document and set the “WAAS SEARCH” to “manual 138”.
    On your chartplotter do the same setting for the WAAS setup. Manual and 138.
    Thanks again for contacting Furuno USA, Inc. We hope we have been able to answer your question. Please feel free to contact us with further questions in the future.

  3. John Foster says:

    From the SSCA Underway discussion thread:
    PostPosted: Wed Aug 15, 2007 2:38 am
    subject: Raymarine Responds with Fix “Later This Year”
    Received word today from Raymarine about my waas issue with the raystar 125 and my e-series combination.
    They are offering a solution (copied below), via a software upgrade to their multifunction chartplotters. I am confused.
    I thought the raystar 125 is a self contained unit capable of looking for sat’s, making gps calculations, listening for waas, and incorporating the result in either a nmea0183 or seatalk output without any dependency on a chartplotter.
    If that’s correct, that must mean that there are seatalk and/or nmea 0183 commands available to program the raystar 125. If I could get my hands on those commands, maybe I can program the raystar 125 from my pc ? I will ask.
    Raymarine solution :
    In late July, the FAA decommissioned the 122 and 134 WAAS GPS satellites and commissioned a new pair of WAAS GPS satellites, 135 and 138 respectively. Presently, Raymarine’s Multifunction Displays (http://www.raymarine.com/raymarine/Default.asp?site=1&Section=2&Page=1034&Parent=2) will not track these newly commissioned WAAS GPS satellites. Raymarine will be releasing Multifunction Display software updates later this year to enable the Multifunction Displays to track these newly commissioned WAAS GPS satellites. When released, customers will be able to update the software in their Multifunction Displays. For more information concerning the Multifunction Display software update procedure, click on the following URL: http://raymarine.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/raymarine.cfg/php/enduser/std_adp.php?p_faqid=1219. Following the release of these software updates, Multifunction Display customers not having the PC hardware or Internet access required to perform download these software updates from Raymarine’s website and populate a SanDisk Standard Grade CF memory card (http://www.sandisk.com/Products/Item(1074)-SDCFB-256-SanDisk_Standard_CompactFlash_Card_256MB.aspx) may contact Raymarine’s Parts Line (800.539.5539 x8865) to order part E06058 CF memory card, specifying that it be populated with the latest software for their E-Series or C-Series Multifunction Display.
    Posted by: b393capt at August 14, 2007 5:30 PM
    My response to Raymarine:
    “Later this year” means no differential GPS for thousands of customers for the balance of the summer. Raymarine should have anticipated this problem and had a fix ready. This is a grossly negligent oversight and may even put some boaters at risk. I’m very disappointed with Raymarine and so are many of your customers if the newsgroups are any indication.
    In addition, Raymarine still has not addressed the bug I reported back in April:
    Here is the “proposed” FAQ that was never posted:
    The FAQ has been generated and is awaiting approval by Raymarine’s management. The proposed details follow:
    Q: I have recently updated the software in my C-Series display to v4.25. When loading waypoints and routes from an archive.fsh file that was developed with C-Series v3.18 software some routes overwrite other routes, even though they have different route names. This did not happen with the C-Series v3.18 software.
    A: Raymarine has identified a feature with the C-Series v4.25 software in which the waypoint / route / track database within the C-Series display may become corrupted when inporting waypoints, routes, or tracks from the archive.fsh file saved on a CF memory card. This feature may occur when the archive.fsh file contains waypoint, route, track, or group names beginning with a number. Raymarine will be addressing this feature in a future C-Series software release.
    Customers may work around this feature by using RayTech Planner / RNS 6.0 to rename waypoints, routes, or group names such that the first character of these names is a letter.
    Regarding updated software to address this issue, Raymarine is currently planning to release C-Series software to address this issue. A date has not yet been specified for the release of this software.
    Chuck Anderson
    Senior PC Support Engineer
    Raymarine Inc.

  4. Rosario says:

    Raymarine just released an update to fix the WAAS issues. It was an easy update. FYI Cheers, Rosario

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