Monthly Archive: November 2007

NavNet 3D, the buzz continues 4

NavNet 3D, the buzz continues


Above are Furuno Product Manager Eric Kunz and MaxSea developer Iker Pryszo at METS, where they had good reason to grin; Furuno’s booth was as jumping in Holland as it was in Florida. I can’t recall a marine electronics product that’s ever generated such a buzz. This comment from…

Simrad GB40, somewhat familiar 5

Simrad GB40, somewhat familiar


There’s nothing online yet, but Simrad did debut its Glass Bridge 40 series at METS. It’s somewhat familiar because it’s obviously based on the existing Northstar 8000i system, but it is not just a rebranded product. For starters…

Comar, AIS crazy 11

Comar, AIS crazy


Comar Systems introduced no less than five new AIS products at METS, most of them seen in the photo above….

Thanksgiving GoGo, share your geekness 6

Thanksgiving GoGo, share your geekness


So one of many things I’m feeling thankful for on this Thanksgiving day (here in the states) is the computer and Internet technology I’m still fascinated by, and which is crucial to the way I enjoyably make my living. So I decided to…