Monthly Archive: June 2008

Furuno NN3D charts, some issues? 8

Furuno NN3D charts, some issues?


The good news is that more Furuno NavNet 3D MFDs are getting delivered and installed; the bad news is that some of the first users aren’t happy with the charts, neither the rasters nor the vectors. For instance…

N2k instruments, in direct sun 5

N2k instruments, in direct sun


This is the collection of NMEA 2000 instruments I’ve been testing for several months, but here they’re shown in direct sun light (at about 45N latitude, but this afternoon, darn near solstice). Pop up the bigger image to see how different they look than when in…

Captn Jack’s, liquidation? 17

Captn Jack’s, liquidation?


Sign of the times? Or just an indication that the Captn Jack’s portion of Maptech is going to shut its doors? I really don’t know much new about the Maptech sale since my last entry, but there sure are some good deals available at Jack’s, free shipping too. Like the new…