Monthly Archive: June 2008

NN3D in the U.K., and a Furuno USA apology 29

NN3D in the U.K., and a Furuno USA apology

Furuno MFD12 in U.K

Seeking the cutting edge of marine electronics—any technology really—can be bitter sweet. On the one hand, for instance,it’s wicked hard right now to actually get your hands onFuruno NavNet 3D equipment here in the States, so hard that Furuno USA just posted a long apology about it. Meanwhile a U.K. Panbo reader and electronics pro has just installed a full suite of NN3D gear, and is exceedingly…

Saildocs, a Gram Schweikert tutorial 13

Saildocs, a Gram Schweikert tutorial


Saildocs is the baby of West Coast weather guru Jim Corenman, who with the support of SailMail provides a free e-mail server able to feed low bandwidth weather data (and more) to boaters. While not as pretty as the free, but limited {or similar PassageWeather}, or the costly but widely used OCENS WeatherNet {or ClearPoint}, it provides a multitude of weather data in many formats right to your in-box for free…

AIO PNDs, and writing 8

AIO PNDs, and writing


If Mae West were alive, her famously bawdy trademark line might go like this: “Hello there, sailor. Is that a WAAS GPS AIO PND loaded with a continent’s worth of nautical, street, topo, and photo cartography and several hundred thousand POIs in your pocket…or are you just happy to see me?” To which a sorry geek like me might squeak back, “Pardon, Ms. West, no time for flirting; I’ve got gadgets to fiddle with!” Indeed I do.